Anything for you…

Everything for you….

I don’t know????

Bothering things related to u…

I am just ignoring those..

I mean…

Leaving for u..


Living for u..

Getting vexed up with those people n things..

Mind’s struggling 😑😑😑😑

How long will I keep leaving????

How long will I keep living????

Should i leave my self respect…

Or live for my self respect

Unbearable taunts

Bearing me

Unavoidable situations

Facing me

Disgusting blames

Depleting me

Now i am with…

Disturbed mind

Anger at peaks

Hopeless life

Don’t know what else is in my destiny

What’s awaiting for me???

Still leading my life……..

Just coz…

Anything for you..

Everything for you..

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